Micro Can is a United Kingdom based producer of canning line solutions. Besides the several machines in their assortment we can also provide you with several add-ons, for example:

  • Compressors
  • Labeling systems
  • Infeed and collection tables



The IMP2 is a 2-head filling and seaming machine designed to fill and seam standard Aluminium cans within the beverage industry.

This machine has been specifically designed for one-person operation in either a semi-automatic mode or end to end fully automatic with additional equipment that can be added at any time.


The CL5 V3 is a 5 head filling machine designed to fill and seam standard aluminium cans. It is specifically designed for the craft beverage environment where space can be a governing factor. Although it is a compact machine, it still carries all the equipment of the larger units.


The CP10 is a twin lane 10 head revolutionary technologically advanced counter pressure filling and seaming machine aimed at production facilities like craft breweries looking for faster production rates to what’s usually offered to date.

The CP10 canning line has a small footprint of 3400mm x 800mm with a throughput 4000 to 5000 cans per hour, this is based on the can size, carbonation level and temperature of the product.

Additional to the standard footprint of the machine is a separate wash and dry station conveyor measuring 1400mm long x 400mm wide. The wash station is separated from the machine due to the vast experience Micro Can has of installing canning lines in tight spaces.

The wash station can be positioned on the outfeed of the machine in options of 90 degrees increments of straight so straight 90 degrees to the front or 90 degrees towards the rear of the machine.
If this wash station is in a straight-line configuration the length of the canning line becomes 4800mm. Once the dual lid cassettes are added to the top of the machine the total height required is 3100mm.


Rotation infeed table

900mm diameter table with variable speed, this will help you get better productivity from the canning line, automatically providing a consistent flow of cans.

This in feed holds 120 cans will help reduce the number of people needed to run the filling line. Electrical requirements 240volt 13amp, easy to connect to your current electricity supply.

It comes fitted with brackets and controls to hold a Linx 10 Date Coder. This enables you to connect the date coder and rotary table together without additional electrical supply and equipment.



The LA3000 labeling system can be used as a stand alone unit or part of an integrated production line. Patch or full wrapround labels can be applied to straightsided cylindrical cans from 250ml through to 500ml and a throughput of 6,000 cans per hour.

  • By choosing the LA3000, you can expect top performance in every aspect. Highlights of this technological flagship include a touchscreen with an innovative menu navigation and state-of-the-art interfaces.
  • Featuring a wrap-around belt and a counter pressure plate, the machine is suitable for a very wide range of cylindrical products.
  • The LA3000 saves precious time. Most settings can be adjusted without tools.
  • Spiral misalignment is practically eliminated through the use of a roller prism. Even labelling in orientation is not a problem.
  • Printing units like our Linx and Videojet printers can be easily integrated.
  • The LA3000 masters various mounting conditions and production environments.
  • Integrates perfectly with the Rotary Collection Table

The LA3000 is offered at a discounted price when purchased in combination with an IMP2 or the CL5V3e.


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